Rough and Rowdy Ways

Painting of buildings on Connecticut & 17th based on sketches. Love the Dylan poster & album. There’s Dylan and then there’s everybody else....

Olive Morris

Hi-Res version of the illustration running in the UK tomorrow. Olive Morris was a community leader and activist for racial injustice. Inspired by images of solidarity around the world I created this imaginary Brixton mural. Learn more about Olive Morris HERE.

Hip Hop development 2017

We're revisiting old games on the Google homepage. I made some development art for the Hip Hop Interactive game in 2017. I was aiming to bring Kool Herc to life in the surroundings of New York in the 70's. I would love to have animated my breakdancing B-girl more. We were to begin the Intro video with The Jimmy Castor Bunch and "It's Just Begun". Kevin C. Burke & Pedro Vergani made the finished interactive.

Google games during lockdown

A series of logo animations that linked to past games:


Wilbur Scoville

Hip Hop


Ignaz Semmelweis

Google is honouring Austro-Hungarian scientist Ignaz Semmelweis worldwide. An early pioneer of antiseptic procedures, Ignaz recognized the importance of hand washing and disinfection. Here's my handy cut out and keep gif with the 6 basic hand washing steps.

There's also a short video here

AM3RICA- Opening night!

Took some hammock time today to reflect on the opening night. I couldn't be happier with how it turned out- thank you to everyone that popped in. Our book is out in the wild and we're excited to see where it turns up!

AM3RICA- An Art Show Jan 2020

Coming to Gallery 839 at the Animation guild building Animation guild building in Burbank a group exhibition of artwork by Matt Jones, Mike Dutton & Matt Cruickshank. Opening reception is Friday January 10th 7pm-9pm. A new art book collecting the work will be launched at the event and available to purchase. The exhibition lasts 3 weeks.

Please come along if you're around!

UK visitation

A quick two week visit to London & an afternoon with the indomitable Oscar Grillo . Then down to the South Coast where I perused Christchurch Priory, Mudeford Quay and Ringwood Owl Sanctuary.