African Nations Football Championships 2018

To celebrate the beginning of the tournament on January 12th.

Seattle and The Andrew Wyeth Retrospective.

I had the pleasure to accompany Mike Dutton up to Seattle to see The Andrew Wyeth retrospective. I only had half a day to look around Pioneer Square and make a few studies. I liked what I saw! The Wyeth display was sensational. I left the show dizzy, deciding to draw a few of the museums permanent collection.

Peter Parr visits!

My animation tutor from 22 years ago popped into work. A truly inspiring person and artist in every way.


Cycling around the East Bay back in November. Everything I saw in one composition.

Life Drawing Nov/Dec

Back after many years. Onwards and upwards.

The Tenderloin

The Tenderloin district in San Fran (Named after several theories: New York district, corrupt police saying, the loins of the prostitutes or the shape of the area). Here's all I saw in one go. Hidden gem is "The Magazine" shop on Larkin which Robert Crumb frequented. The owners have been there 45 years and give a free Crumb poster if asked. Most shocking thing I saw was an amputee with huge knife in his belt. Completely illegal and instant arrest in London.

5 days in Mexico City

Sprawling. Vibrant. Humbling. From Frida Kahlo's Cobalt blue garden to the street life. Wonderful place and wonderful people. My sketchbook entries:

Eduard Khil

Life achievement unlocked- I got to celebrate the late great Eduard Khil Here!

Marshall McLuhan

Fascinating subject to animate- here's to Canadian philosopher Marshall McLuhan, who amongst many things predicted a global village of communication decades before the Internet.

ICC Champions Trophy 2017

Ah, summer: the sound of leather on willow and! Don't mean to bug you but Jacob Howcroft and I made this small game for the ICC Championships starting today in the UK. We're hopping you enjoy it!

Play the game HERE

Eng: Jacob Howcroft
Art Direction: Matt Cruickshank
Additional Eng: Mark Ivey
Additional Sound Design: Leon Hong
Project Management/Production: Greg Capuano

Development animation and designs here:

LA March 2017

A cracking weekend in LA to see Matt Jones' exhibition. We even managed a few hours painting Venice and The Warehouse District, as well as navigating Downtown LA. Thanks to Chris Flynn for the surprise pic!