Carolina Maria de Jesus

My illustration for Carolina Maria de Jesus, who wrote about her life in a Sao Paulo favela.

Life Drawing Feb 16.

1 & 5 minute poses.

Dogpatch Boatyard.

There's something deeply satisfying about seeing boats in their entirety, underbellies exposed.

Life drawing Feb 9th

First time life drawing this year, drawing the model without looking at the paper to stay looser. Interesting transitions from 1 minute to 10 minute poses.

Friedlieb Ferdinand Runge

My animated tribute to FFR. And all coffee lovers. Runge was the first person to analyze and identify caffeine.

Bessie & Folsom- SF

A tiny shop on Bessie & Folsom that still does traditional sign painting. And sells LSD.

Konstantin Stanislavski

My homage to the man who transformed the acting landscape forever. Stanislavski challenged and questioned many principles through his writings, culminating in the the birth of method acting.

New Years Eve/Day 2019

Animation and design for New Years celebrations. A very happy New Year to all.

Tree Of Life.

Over the holidays I completed my interpretation of a Mayan Tree of Life. The path of the sun rotates anti clockwise between the home of the living and the dead, setting at 7pm and rising at 5am. I placed a mirror in the centre for personal reflection. This piece completes my set of North and South American motifs I've created around my house.

Napa Valley 2018

Took Mum on the Napa Valley wine train for Xmas. Wine, carrot cake and an Agatha Christie novel. I shall be putting my Xmas crackers in this Vintage Italian Wine Press I painted for the remainder of the festive period. Merry Xmas to you all! 

Toilet Wall.

Painting from a wall pattern in a Mission District toilet- SF. Not painted from the throne.

Life drawing Nov 17th

Short poses with a short model! 1 & 5 minute poses.

Doc's Lab- Monterey

A curious weekend. The soporific air quality in SF drove me to Monterey. I chanced upon a tour of Ed Rickett's Lab (via Mike Dutton Tours) - wonderful stuff!!!! Inhaled as much Steinbeck as possible. Sign up here if you swing by Monterey. These are for you Doc!

Alexander Borodin.

My animated tribute to Alexander Borodin- Principally a Russian chemist but also composer of many operas including Prince Igor.

New Mexico November 2018

A painting trip to New Mexico with Mike Dutton and Matt Jones. America is one beautiful chunk of land & I'm so humbled by it. It's going through one hell of a tough time, but looking at mountains reassured me it's just a momentary blip. Go vote tomorrow my American friends!

Varvara Stepanova

My tribute to Varvara Stepanova- A kick ass Russian female artist

20 years of Google.

Ideas and rough concepts for an animated video to celebrate 20 years of Google.

Altamira Cave

My animated tribute to the majestic Altamira Cave paintings.

September Sumo!

 Had a blast sketching in Japantown this weekend with Matt Jones.

Oskar Schlemmer

Dancing Robot! My homage to Oskar Schlemmer- the German Bauhaus designer who explored the integration of humans and machines.

Dolores Park

A Friday afternoon painting in a windy Dolores Park.

Ebenezer Cobb Morley.

Before Mr. Morley football was a mosh pit of mauling and monocles. Here's to the man who gave football actual rules (although I'd like to see the monocle reinstated).

Life drawing Sat 5th August.

Life drawing Sat 5th August. All the models tattoos were Alice In Wonderland illustrations by Sir John Tenniel.