20 years of Google.

Ideas and rough concepts for an animated video to celebrate 20 years of Google.

Altamira Cave

My animated tribute to the majestic Altamira Cave paintings.

September Sumo!

 Had a blast sketching in Japantown this weekend with Matt Jones.

Oskar Schlemmer

Dancing Robot! My homage to Oskar Schlemmer- the German Bauhaus designer who explored the integration of humans and machines.

Dolores Park

A Friday afternoon painting in a windy Dolores Park.

Ebenezer Cobb Morley.

Before Mr. Morley football was a mosh pit of mauling and monocles. Here's to the man who gave football actual rules (although I'd like to see the monocle reinstated).

Life drawing Sat 5th August.

Life drawing Sat 5th August. All the models tattoos were Alice In Wonderland illustrations by Sir John Tenniel.

Philip & The Stove graphic novel.

86 page full colour graphic novel available online for $5- mushroom trip included!

Buy it HERE

Sample pages:


2 days in Lake Tahoe swimming, cycling, and a little drawing/painting.

Dogpatch July 2018

Painting the Dogpatch recently with Mike Dutton & Matt Jones. Then trying silver paint later for The Pearl building- 601 & 19th st. Next day was a great catch up with two more diamond geezers- JP Vine & Jamie Baker.

Gino Bartali

Gino Bartali (1914-2000)- an exceptional Italian cyclist ( 2 Tour de France titles) and even more exceptional human being. He saved hundreds of jews by transporting counterfeit papers in the frame of his bike.

Japanese Tea Garden.

Sketch at the JTG Sunday. A couple got engaged right behind me during the drawing so I sent them a dated souvenir of the day!

Hubert Cecil Booth

A round of applause for Hubert Cecil Booth and his petrol-powered, horse-drawn vacuum cleaner!

The Line Hotel - LA

Stayed at The Line Hotel in LA recently- paintings from poolside and the room. Then a super Sunday catching up with Matt Jones and Gary Baseman after a quick look around The Marciano Art Foundation

Devils Slide Bunker.

The Devils Slide Bunker on Highway 1 & the back garden of The General Store in Outer Sunset.

Tom Longboat

Canadian marathon runner- also mistakenly declared dead twice as a messenger in WW1.

24th Street Mission

A few paintings around Mission & 24th street San Francisco. The car show guy has complete faith in his modified suspension.

Earth Day 2018 ft Jane Goodall

I met Jane Goodall in LA on the 22nd Feb to collaborate on a personal message for Earth Day. We interviewed & recorded her many remarkable experiences with a view to animating sections of them. It became clear to me this was an extraordinary woman, with a steely glint of determination in her eye that still burns bright. The mandate was clear- The Earth is a miracle and we all have a duty to care for it.

I tried my best to bring her stories of childhood, chimpanzees, rainforests and wisdom to life. I couldn't think of anything more important than celebrating life through colour, design and movement- attributes the natural world continue to amaze me with every day.

Thank you Jane.

The short film is HERE. Below are designs, iterations & test animations that I made along the way: