Pohela Boishakh 2019

It's the national holiday of Pohela Boishakh in Bangladesh- here's my animated tribute!

Cuba Art Trip 2019

Made a short film about my recent trip to Cuba. It was shot on my phone and edited together in 3 days. The music was recorded on the streets of Havana.

The film can be seen HERE

Carolina Maria de Jesus

My illustration for Carolina Maria de Jesus, who wrote about her life in a Sao Paulo favela.

Life Drawing Feb 16.

1 & 5 minute poses.

Dogpatch Boatyard.

There's something deeply satisfying about seeing boats in their entirety, underbellies exposed.

Life drawing Feb 9th

First time life drawing this year, drawing the model without looking at the paper to stay looser. Interesting transitions from 1 minute to 10 minute poses.

Friedlieb Ferdinand Runge

My animated tribute to FFR. And all coffee lovers. Runge was the first person to analyze and identify caffeine.

Bessie & Folsom- SF

A tiny shop on Bessie & Folsom that still does traditional sign painting. And sells LSD.

Konstantin Stanislavski

My homage to the man who transformed the acting landscape forever. Stanislavski challenged and questioned many principles through his writings, culminating in the the birth of method acting.