Title Header

This is supposed to be my header but I can't get the little guy into the header area. sigh.


Stephan Royer said...

awesome, haha! Great colors and shapes too ;)

Matt Jones said...

Do you have to make it a gif? Ask John T Quinn the 3rd

Oscar Grillo said...

Brian Matthew: Is that it? Is that the end?
Paul: Yeah, yeah, that's it.
John: Fade, fade!
Brian: Good track. Oh, well, we'll stop there, stop there, stop there.
John: What an end!
Brian: Quiet! All right, George.
John: Fade!
Brian: Hold it!
George: Oh, thank you.
John: Fade, you silly.
Brian: Well, we did. We did that. Oh, no! No! We've done that bit!
John: The train comes in now.
Brian: We did that.
John: Yeah.
Brian: To pove we weren't playing the record, then, you see. 'Cause, otherwise, there's no point in you being here, is there? Ha, ha, ha!
John: Yeah, we did that, 'cause it sounds just like it, don't it?
Brian: Pretty cool lot of fellows, aren't you? Here, Ringo, have a banana, catch!

John T Quinn III said...

Very nice.
An animated GIF below 200 KB will work.

Crowpie said...

Haha! Great logo, hope you get up and running on the blog!

Matthew Cruickshank said...

I can make it a gif and place it no problem-but it's sooooo slow!!


John T Quinn III said...

Ok, one last thing. Web animation is usually set to 12 frames per second. If you are creating your animation in After Effects, you may be at 30 fps.

Mick said...

i think you save it as an animated gif ... host it on photobucket or such a thing then it will go normal speed... i think

kanishk said...

I love the work on the right, your stuff is such an inspiration!

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