Corfe Castle

Menacingly set upon the Purbeck hills, Corfe Castle casts a powerful silhouette as you drive into the village. Built in the 11th century by Ol' Willy the Conquerer it resisted countless sieges before gradually being broken down and used by villagers on their own houses!

Nearly as steep as the hill is the admission. "£7.50?!" my Uncle exclaimed,
"I'm not paying that, half of it's missing!"

So we spent our half crowns and two bob bits on warm ale in The Fox Inn instead. The pub was built in 1568 and has a wonderful little side entrance to its beer garden.

Do you have a wonderful little side entrance?



Elle Michalka said...

Just way too cool!

Łukasz Mazur said...

Magnificent castle. As an admirer of such buildings I will have to go there :) If even half of his majesty will be like in this figure that I will not regret it.

Sandra Brandstätter said...

I especially like the first one and it`s slightly sinster touch.

Michelle Barnett said...

These are gorgeous. I love your location sketches. Do you somehow manage to whip them out on the spot or do you sit down with photos and memory later?

Unknown said...

love your paintings!

are you using watercolor or acrylic?