Paulo Freire

 Illustration celebrating Brazilian educator Paulo Freire.

Latest Miko Collaboration

My latest large painting collaboration with Miko is finished- cannot decide on orientation. 1, 2 or 3? Or does it matter.

Celebrating The Turkana Human

 Celebrating the discovery of the most complete skeleton of our human ancestors in Lake Turkana, Kenya.

Buster Keaton

 Buster Keaton Gif & designs made in 2016. A true genius.

Heavy Metal

 Heavy Metal#1, 10x8, Oil on board. From an expedition to The Dogpatch with Mike Dutton, March 2021.

Lemon Tree

 Gift for a friend before the Mezcal took over.

Drawing Miko in the park

Friday afternoon drinking & drawing a restless dog in the Park. Miko followed all the correct park etiquette, finally pissing himself and passing out around 4pm.

Farewell Cafe Revolution

 Farewell Cafe Rev, the first bar I drank in when I moved to Frisco. Used to love dropping in after work, making sketches of the bands and meeting batshit crazy people. Just a portion of the sketches:

Rev Closes.

Masako Katsura

 I was lucky enough to celebrate Masako Katsura?katsuro on the homepage today. The first lady of Carom billiards! Incredible skill and precision- I have no idea how she does the very first shot in this clip:



Isolation, Oil on canvas, 36"x24"

My 2nd oil painting is based on a pandemic dream- I was naked, surrounded by a million thorns & cacti with no way to move forward. Gah. I have spared the viewer actual belly proportions & other appendages. Still adapting to oils but making new discoveries every day of lockdown.

Pear, Skull & Meteorite

Oil paint study. Haven't used oil in about 20 years. I was heavy handed in places but eager to try more during the lockdown. Not the most festive image (or is it?) but regardless I wish seasons greetings to all!

The Great Conjunction

 This was a fun small animation to make- Jupiter and Saturn closer now than ever.....