Drawing Miko in the park

Friday afternoon drinking & drawing a restless dog in the Park. Miko followed all the correct park etiquette, finally pissing himself and passing out around 4pm.

Farewell Cafe Revolution

 Farewell Cafe Rev, the first bar I drank in when I moved to Frisco. Used to love dropping in after work, making sketches of the bands and meeting batshit crazy people. Just a portion of the sketches:

Rev Closes.

Masako Katsura

 I was lucky enough to celebrate Masako Katsura?katsuro on the homepage today. The first lady of Carom billiards! Incredible skill and precision- I have no idea how she does the very first shot in this clip: youtube.com/watch?v=19LCM_



Isolation, Oil on canvas, 36"x24"

My 2nd oil painting is based on a pandemic dream- I was naked, surrounded by a million thorns & cacti with no way to move forward. Gah. I have spared the viewer actual belly proportions & other appendages. Still adapting to oils but making new discoveries every day of lockdown.

Pear, Skull & Meteorite

Oil paint study. Haven't used oil in about 20 years. I was heavy handed in places but eager to try more during the lockdown. Not the most festive image (or is it?) but regardless I wish seasons greetings to all!

The Great Conjunction

 This was a fun small animation to make- Jupiter and Saturn closer now than ever.....

Martin Chambi

Panels I made to celebrate the birthday of Martin Chambi, the Peruvian photographer who artfully captured the magnificence of The Andes. The poet of light!

Rough and Rowdy Ways

Painting of buildings on Connecticut & 17th based on sketches. Love the Dylan poster & album. There’s Dylan and then there’s everybody else....

Olive Morris

Hi-Res version of the illustration running in the UK tomorrow. Olive Morris was a community leader and activist for racial injustice. Inspired by images of solidarity around the world I created this imaginary Brixton mural. Learn more about Olive Morris HERE.