The moving graphics are a lot smoother on the original quicktime, but this is my film on Vimeo. It seems to run smoother if you let it load completely before playing. Play it loud on your headphones!!

This was my first stab at After Effects- a huge thank you to Marc Iserman at Red Central for helping me post it.

Elektricity from Matt Cruickshank on Vimeo.

More Oldies.

Preparing presentations recently I've stumbled across old work which I've either shared before and removed or not shown before. Here's an eclectic mixture of images, concepts, life drawings and themes. I'll add to this post over the next few days.....


Going through an old folder last week with super talented Gur-b, I came across some old paintings and spaff which I hereby post!

First up is the London helipad over in Battersea, it's fascinating to watch the super rich pop in and out willy nilly in their private helicopters. Next up some random paintings and lastly a No Country For Old Men sketch. Voila!