Brothers Grimm.

 Concepts and illustrations for Red Riding Hood on todays Google homepage. Check here for many other  Google illustrations.

Google illustrations Nov 2012

Illustrations created for Mexico's Day Of The Dead and the birthdays of Paul Abadie, Amadeu de Souza Cardoso and Rodin.

No trespassing

Todays 1 hour sketch session.


A small boat on display halfway along the pier in Santa Cruz

Scarlett Groove

Every now and then you get to work for the good guys! My cover for "Scarlett Groove"- new EP from Maribou State out Nov 12th.

Half Moon Bay

My first weekend living in CA gave me the chance to visit Half Moon Bay. The drive over was stunning, I can't wait to see more of the landscape.

I made early sketches before 1 small painting on the beach. By late morning the surfers had been replaced by kite flyers. In the town pumpkin fever had taken hold with many locals preparing for the "Art & Pumpkin" festival next weekend. Not sure exactly what that entails but my offering would be a pumpkin inspired painting of this intriguing whale skull on display near the beach.

CTN-X 2012

This November I'll be at the animation expo in L.A to talk about my drawings and my luminaries- please drop in if you can. Here's the poster. Thanks Tina!

Cheers London!

On October 1st I depart London for some California living. I feel really fortunate to have been spotted by Google and look forward to joining their creative team.

Dear London. You've been astounding, frustrating, rewarding and immeasurable on so many levels. You've introduced me to incredible people whilst I've tried to capture you with line and colour. I've sat on your pavements and your comfy seats, and love them both the same! You're an amazing city that's  shaped me as a person, in some small way I hope these images return the favour!


Mum and I spotted this man in the British Museum staring at the only section of wall that had no paintings on it. After 30 minutes he was still there. I was desperate to ask him why but Mum said,

"Sometimes it's better to leave people like that alone"

Corfe Castle

Menacingly set upon the Purbeck hills, Corfe Castle casts a powerful silhouette as you drive into the village. Built in the 11th century by Ol' Willy the Conquerer it resisted countless sieges before gradually being broken down and used by villagers on their own houses!

Nearly as steep as the hill is the admission. "£7.50?!" my Uncle exclaimed,
"I'm not paying that, half of it's missing!"

So we spent our half crowns and two bob bits on warm ale in The Fox Inn instead. The pub was built in 1568 and has a wonderful little side entrance to its beer garden.

Do you have a wonderful little side entrance?



Spent last week on the South Coast of England. Popped over to Christchurch for a beach walk but insanely high winds drove me to shelter in the shadows of the trees like Gollum. Lurking in the dark I spotted this intrepid dog walker.
Maribou States new EP- available here for just 1 pound and 29 pennies! Unbelievable! Thanks Liam and Kieran for letting me create the cover.

Summer Fox

Spotted this chap outside my flat last night
One of the many small paintings I've been making around London.


Here's a quick composition I put together for the film "Drive".

Girl on the 72

I sat next to this girl on the bus


It's been raining for about 7 days consecutively which only means one thing in England- a nationwide drought.

Hengistbury Head

Stunning weather last weekend led me to Bournemouth and a stroll along the coast to Hengistbury Head. Unfortunately nature conspired against me on my only painting day, leaving me to produce quick sketches instead. When I painted 2 subjects the next day from my sketches I felt far less reliant on what I could actually see. I felt much more freedom. Hopefully I'll get round to doing something with those wonderful little beach huts.

Where clouds touch mountains

I'm back after a life affirming week in the French Alps. Mountain people are amongst the happiest on the planet and the overwhelming positivity was a real shot in the arm. Wonderful weather, delicious food and unbelievable apres ski! I took a few mornings off to sketch the gravity defying wobbly houses of Meribel, but apart from that the holiday was a haze of sunshine, beer, music, snowboarding and midget's racing camels! It'll be tough to top that!