Joshua Tree- November 2015.

Took a short painting trip to Joshua Tree with Matt Jones & Mike Dutton. Pretty surreal landscape, akin to crash landing on another planet! Highly recommended. On the drive back I heard the news that my darling Nan had passed away at 91. These paintings are for her x


A Calavera design for Dia de Muertos. Blender and Illustrator.

Burning Man effigy.

My last Burning Man post. I took a chair leg into the desert and painted it! 'Twas finished back on my hill.
This is my Burning Man effigy- behold it's totemic power! Ingredients: Chair leg, paint, dust, coffee stirrers, paper & tribal juice.

Burning Man 2015

Burning Man is a myriad of things to all people. Despite the tough conditions I kept my battered sketchbook close at all times. From the lantern lighters heading out at dusk to the Centre Camp acrobats, you'll never run out of things to draw.

Below is the book and a looped gif I made. Thank you Burning Man.

US Open 2015

Animation for the US Open. If I was an "O" I'd attempt a through the body lob too.

Duke Kahanamoku

Some designs for the Hawaiian father of surfing and swimming Olympic gold medalist The Duke. The Tiki style swimming line test is unfinished.

800th anniversary of the Magna Carta.

Welcome to Runnymede, England. It's June 15th, 1215 and negotiations between unpopular King John & the Barons are tense! By sealing and signing the Magna Carta (the Great Charter of the Liberties) King John reluctantly set in motion powerful laws that changed our lives to this very day.

I set about arranging a scene where characters represent the logo through colours. The Magna Carta stipulated protection for the barons from illegal imprisonment, so despite King John's chuckle at our excited prisoner help is on hand from an unlikely source! 

I guess grumpy King John will have to carry that throne home himself.


Colonel Robert Wilson's grainy photograph of Nessie made a big splash. The iconic image of a sea serpent rising out of the water paved the way for the myth of the Loch Ness Monster.

Sketching boats in dockyards was the inspiration for this illustration. Once I'd assemble working cogs as the Google logo, all that was left was to show a cut away and reveal of what REALLY took place under the surface.