Toilet Wall.

Painting from a wall pattern in a Mission District toilet- SF. Not painted from the throne.

Life drawing Nov 17th

Short poses with a short model! 1 & 5 minute poses.

Doc's Lab- Monterey

A curious weekend. The soporific air quality in SF drove me to Monterey. I chanced upon a tour of Ed Rickett's Lab (via Mike Dutton Tours) - wonderful stuff!!!! Inhaled as much Steinbeck as possible. Sign up here if you swing by Monterey. These are for you Doc!

Alexander Borodin.

My animated tribute to Alexander Borodin- Principally a Russian chemist but also composer of many operas including Prince Igor.

New Mexico November 2018

A painting trip to New Mexico with Mike Dutton and Matt Jones. America is one beautiful chunk of land & I'm so humbled by it. It's going through one hell of a tough time, but looking at mountains reassured me it's just a momentary blip. Go vote tomorrow my American friends!