Caga Tio.

This is my illustration for an exhibition in Barcelona. A Xmas Catalan myth tells of a log that upon being beaten by children with sticks "expels" sweets through it's backside. I've probably got this completely wrong. Thanks to Oscar Grillo and Ed Carosia for letting me take part.

Freelance Job~1.

One of my first freelance projects was to up-date the Vintage Monopoly series for Hasbro. Maybe I could have pushed this further (I remember quite a tight deadline) but I enjoyed working with a character I found appealing in a design sense. These are 2 designs for the Front Of Pack that I drew, then rendered in Illustrator. Images are copyright of Hasbro.


I've thrown myself whole heartedly into this music promo/video/nonsensical thing to the point that I've completely neglected the blog. Here's some old stuff-another wood painting entitled "syringe" and another wooden sculpt.