Four Hats

I'm really pleased to be showing work next month with the outstanding publishers Nobrow.

"On the penultimate Thursday of February we will be launching our next exhibition "Four Hats", an exhibition of work by artist and designer Matthew Cruickshank. The show will feature prominent works from his varied stylistic repertoire, hence the name. Sketches, Paintings, Sculpture and Digital Work come together in bold and vivid colours to present a unique talent that you'll kick yourself for not having seen yet, and if you have, then expect new and surprising feats of illustrative dexterity from this many-hatted fellow" - Nobrow

21 Days Later.

2011 began by flying to San Francisco to sign up to illustrate an interactive E-Book. I'll post about this at length soon, but suffice to say it's quite exciting! I've been here in the city for the last 3 weeks, integrating myself into the friendly insanity of the unfathomable natives.

Highlights include various drawing expeditions with Matt Jones, flying down to Venice Beach to meet Evan Spiradellis from JibJab, shaking Pete Docter's hand and Ralph Eggleston's shoulder, discussing triangles and circles with Don Shank, lunch with Noah Klocek, coffee with Andy Grisdale and drinks with Elvis Christ's denizens of the deep!

I'll add to this post in time but for now perhaps drawings speak louder than words. A huge thanks to Space Dog Books for inviting me over & my wonderful host Matt Jones. It's my last night in the city so I must leave now to prepare my assortment of Spandex outfits......