Tried to recall the scene from episode 2 of Chernobyl last night. A masterful searing series. Spine tingling.

Pub drawings

Absolute tank of a car parked outside The Homestead and an interior of Pop's bar- both in The Mission district of San Francisco.

Embarcadero- San Fransisco.

Morning painting from the 7th floor rooftop.

Anita Conti

Celebrating Anita Conti- a pioneering French oceanographer. She spent nearly half her 98 years sailing the high seas and photographing her adventures.

Honk honk

Doodling at the pub last week. Overheard the Uber workers at the table opposite me- so this turned into the ultimate Uber ride.

Yerba Buena Gardens SF.

A morning painting in Yerba Buena Gardens- watching the new world devour the old.