Ebenezer Cobb Morley.

Before Mr. Morley football was a mosh pit of mauling and monocles. Here's to the man who gave football actual rules (although I'd like to see the monocle reinstated).

Life drawing Sat 5th August.

Life drawing Sat 5th August. All the models tattoos were Alice In Wonderland illustrations by Sir John Tenniel.

Philip & The Stove graphic novel.

86 page full colour graphic novel available online for $5- mushroom trip included!

Buy it HERE

Sample pages:


2 days in Lake Tahoe swimming, cycling, and a little drawing/painting.

Dogpatch July 2018

Painting the Dogpatch recently with Mike Dutton & Matt Jones. Then trying silver paint later for The Pearl building- 601 & 19th st. Next day was a great catch up with two more diamond geezers- JP Vine & Jamie Baker.