Roehampton Estate

A few weeks ago I entered Roehampton estate armed with only a sketchbook, ruler and pencil. The buildings probably seem ugly to many, but I'm attracted to their scale and angularity. In particular I like the physical space the "legs" of the larger structures create. Whilst sketching the second drawing down a voice shouted out from one of the balconies.
"What you doing, drawing?"
"Yes," I replied, although I couldn't see the person anywhere.
"Well I'll put some music on for you."
And with that I was treated to a wonderful mixture of electronic dubstep and liquid drum and bass. The music seemed to have the same mass and volume as the buildings. I visualised these monuments as giant speakers pumping abstract concrete shapes into the atmosphere.

I never did see the person, but I thank them for inspiring me!

See, people aren't all bad are they?