A trip

I'm back in London after a month in California, spending two weeks in Los Angeles and two in San Francisco. Whilst away I thought I'd try some small paintings. Virtually all of my sketchbooks are black and white so I thought I'd take the plunge into colour. It wasn't an entirely comfortable experience but I'm glad I forced myself to do something different. I want to write about all the terrific people I met and drew too but I'm too discombobulated with jet lag right now. More soon......

...Right I'm back after a doze. Below is the first drawing I did in LA before abandoning pencil for paint. Underneath that are some of the characters I saw during my stay.

I just wanted to add that I met some incredible people and artists this time around, and I really have to thank them for making my trip so enjoyable. So in no particular order I salute Matt Jones, Nick Sung, Noah Klocek, Stephane Kardos, Space Dog Books, Ricky Nierva, Kevin Dart, Andy Grisdale, Don Shank, Alex Woo, Dave Needham and Boris Hiestand

If push came to shove and I had to pick a highlight of the journey it was meeting Sanjay Patel. Sanjay's artwork adorns San Francisco due to his outstanding show at the Asian Art Museum. I found it so inspiring to see vector art getting the recognition it deserves. There's no button on the computer that says "make great art". Sanjay's work is pound for pound the best I've seen. Chatting to him was a wonderful experience. There's wisdom, magic and a great spirituality to the man.