Walking the High Line- New York

Despite drizzly weather I thoroughly enjoyed walking the High Line in New York. The old train track offers a unique perspective (up AND down) as you walk the city via elevation. When the rain was at it's heaviest I sheltered under the track. Sunday was a complete wash out & a great chance to have my MIND BLOWN at the Met. With a dying pen I caught the melee in the main entrance.


Saul Bass animated for Google

I've always been interested in the work of Saul Bass and was delighted to get the opportunity to celebrate his birthday on the Google homepage. From the outset I wanted to celebrate a number of his film credits in succinct succession, as well as a nod in the direction of his poster work. Film rights can be problematic so I wasn't completely sure of the order of cutting, but as it turned out every studio was a pleasure to work with. Corresponding with Jennifer Bass was inspirational and led to hearing that Saul Bass was a Dave Brubeck fan. Although I hadn't synched animation to music we found a Brubeck track that managed to hit the right notes. Again, the Brubeck estate were superb to work with.

I drew everything in Illustrator before animating in After Effects. I hope I found a way to merge Google  with Bass' graphic sensibilities. You'll be able to see the doodle on your countries homepage on Tuesday 7th and Wed 8th May 2013, and also HERE