I've thrown myself whole heartedly into this music promo/video/nonsensical thing to the point that I've completely neglected the blog. Here's some old stuff-another wood painting entitled "syringe" and another wooden sculpt.


Mick said...

get in there etc... don't neglect it dear fellow, 'appen someone finds it groovey

Oscar Grillo said...

You can hear Syrinx by Claude Debussy here:

The picture is as wonderfull as it can be expected from you.

gur-B said...

Can I have an injection like that please ?

Dan Bob said...

these are so beautiful. your so good with patterns.

I will mail you one of my books.
E-mail me your address.

Nic and I won't be making it out to England this year because we are buying a house. ugghh. I love realtors and banks.

I hope your doing well. Let me know how work is going.

gur-B said...
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Oscar Grillo said...

This may give you hours of pleasure: